Welcome to the border!

A homey and warm bed & breakfast inn just by the eastern border, close to Niirala checkpoint. Take a breather in a peaceful environment, have a good breakfast and get back on the road, refreshed! All rooms have private bathrooms and kitchenettes. Sauna reserved separately.

Ideal location

Raja Inn is located literally on the border. The border zone is just a stone's toss away and Niirala checkpoint is just about 4 km away. Busy national road 9 is far enough to be out of earshot; you will spend the night in a calm and quiet environment. Nearby are snow mobile tracks and hiking trails. Ideal location for example motorcyclists.


Happening at Raja

Majatalo Raja

4 days 1 hour ago

Vielä on aikaa varata liput Juha "Aron" Leppäsen Dream Elvis Show keikalle, tämä show tapahtuu Arppen pihalla Värtsilässä 31.7 klo 15. Tule kokemaan kanssamme kesälauantai,

Our services

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Wellness services, hiking, courses...

For the bird enthusiast

The valley of birds

Did you know that Värtsilä is one of Finland's best places to spot birds? Over 260 species have been documented here. A visitor can catch a glimpse at some local birds at the Hopeakallio bird tower, located conveniently close to the Raja Inn.

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